Kennedy Half Dollars

Kennedy Half Dollars
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Kennedy Half Dollars

Proof & BU Kennedy Half Dollars
Following the death of President Kennedy in 1963 there was considerable public sentiment for honoring his memory on coinage. As all coins except the half dollar already carried portraits of presidents, it was decided to install his likeness on this coin, even though its design had been changed as recently as 1948.
The portrait was designed by Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro, the reverse featuring a shield eagle surrounded by stars. As introduced in 1964, the coin was of regular silver composition (90% silver, 10% copper, .36169 ounces of silver by weight) but was altered in 1965 to the clad standard, consisting of a 21% silver/79% copper interior covered with 80% silver/20% copper total weight being .14792 ounces. Its weight was 11.5 grams, down from 12.5. In 1971 the silver was removed from its core and a new composition used for the exterior, comprising three parts copper to one of nickel. The silver had been entirely replaced and the weight fell to 11.34 grams. It has a diameter of 30.6mm.

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